Who we are

Over the last 43 years, Ceta Form has established its position as the leading manufacturer of hand tools in Turkey. We design and produce high quality hand tools for the professional users in all sectors at our modern factory located in Istanbul. In addition to our large domestic dealer network, we have distributors in 45 different countries with a dedicated sales office in UK.

Why Ceta Form

Comprehensive Product Range Our offer encompasses 4.000 lines in 15 product families. Thanks to the breadth of our range, we help our customers to operate with less suppliers and reduce their operating costs…a one-stop shop for hand-tools.

Innovative Company Ceta Form is an innovator. We are constantly introducing new products with outstanding features to our range, in order to provide added value for the end-user.

Quality Manufacturer Ceta Form is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. We use the highest quality materials and employ modern equipment in our production, utilizing strict quality controls in all critical processes. Result: our return ratio is less than 0.5%

Logistics Almost every product listed in our catalogue is available ex stock in our warehouse. This enables us to make rapid deliveries from our stock with a very high percentage fulfillment rate.

Target Sectors

Automotive, White Goods, Electrical, Electronic, Industrial, Construction, Aerospace, Defence, Heavy Industry, public institutions and organizations are our main business. All employees in this and other areas of installation, maintenance, repair and service units we offer professional hand tools and equipment

  Ceta Form In World

A brand that is sought for in 45 countries thanks to its advanced design and production capabilities. We owe this success to our passionate team and the strong partnerships we have forged with our customers. Ceta Form tools are distributed in 45 countries worldwide and in the UK, we operate through our own sales office.


The production lines are heavily automated and involve state of the art technology (multi-axis machining centers, robotic grinding, double shot injection molding etc.). This strong infrastructure coupled by the hard work and expertise of our team produces some of the highest quality/price ratio ranges on the market.

Our production programme includes:
Pliers & Cutters - for electricians, mechanics
and the construction trade
Screwdrivers – regular and insulated
(VDE approved)
Voltage testers
Storage Systems

We are quite confident that any professional user of tools will appreciate the quality of products. This is our main drive because the customer is in the center of everything we do; give us a try and see by yourself.







Quality Policy

* To become a constantly developing and growing company in hand tools sector

* To fully understand the basic expectations of our customers and to provide the best products and support in accordance with the determined conditions

* To create a fast and effective working system with our customers, employees and suppliers by using technological facilities in communication

* To cooperate with our suppliers in a trust-based manner

* To use our resources efficiently and efficiently, to investigate the innovations needed and to provide adaptation with investments

* Analyze our whole processes with risk and opportunity based approach and develop them with projects.

* To promote leadership and employee involvement and develop team spirit to achieve our goals

* To improve the competence of our employees both internally and externally

* Under the scope of our Supervisory Quality Management System;

- The spirit of healing is transformed into a corporate culture by spreading to this consciousness,

- Implementation of applicable conditions in line with national and international laws, regulations and standards.

                                                                                                                           Quality Management

                                                                                                                                  Erkal FIRAT

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